In July 2005, I joined a new, quiet photography community (now owned by Yahoo!) called flickr. I didn’t know much about photography aside from the fact that I really liked it. Over the next 10 years, I would truly learn the mechanics of cameras, hone my skill, meet some absolutely AMAZING people who are now lifelong friends and capture thousands of wonderful memories. Today, photography remains a big passion for me and is truly part of my career. While I’m not a photographer by trade, I use images in everything I do… every day. I’ve learned how powerful photos can be to capture emotion, communicate message and influence people.

As the cameras on our smart phones get better and better each year, the old saying “the best camera is the one you have with you” becomes more and more true every day. While flickr isn’t the huge, swelling community that it used to be, it’s still going strong with rich, vibrant content. I’m so happy looking back at the last 10 years with the wonderful photography community that’s exploded since the early days of web 2.0 and I’m really excited to see how it continues to grow.

You can see all of my photos on flickr over here.