Health Spaces (now called ?PatientConsult) is a new secure communication tool for doctors that allows them to discuss patient cases with specialists, other doctors and more in a HIPPA-compliant environment. To the doctor, it simply looks like a sleek mobile app, rather than a corporate system. Using familiar chat-style communications, clinicians can include patient data, images, audio notes and more.

For this project, I served as Design Lead, providing UX strategy and art direction for the app look and feel. I also designed the UX and visuals for the web-based signup experience and created storyboards depicting use cases and product desirability to product stakeholders.

PatientConsult - Signup UI PatientConsult Storyboard PatientConsult Storyboard PatientConsult Storyboard Patient Consult - early flow map HealthSpaces Style Guide HealthSpaces Redlines PatientConsult - Signup Wireframes