I’m still coming down from two weeks in some of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. I spent two weeks wandering through the streets of Spain and Portugal and all they had to offer. The architecture, the people, the sights, the wine, the FOOD. These two neighboring countries are simply amazing.

This big trip was an experiment with living in the moment rather than behind a huge camera rig the whole time. I made the conscious choice to not take my full camera gear that I usually carry. For me, that means a Canon 7D and anywhere from 2-5 lenses. All that gear is great and allows me to capture memories in a truly fantastic way, but it’s also really heavy and cumbersome. I’ve found that over the years, while I’ve captured great memories, I wasn’t truly experiencing the moment. This time I just took a Fujifilm X100T. It’s small, nimble and takes quality pics.

While I captured some really great photos that I’ll enjoy for years to come, I miss the quality of shots that I KNOW I would have been able to confidently capture with my full setup. Next trip, I’ll be back to sucking it up with my full gear again. Just another excuse to get out there and travel and experience more of this big, beautiful world.

Photos from Porto & Sintra Barcelona Barcelona Madrid Sintra, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal

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