Last week, we braved the midwest summer heat and humidity to seek out some roller coaster fun at the best amusement park in America – Cedar Point.It’s not shocking if you haven’t heard of this place – it’s in the middle of nowhere (about an hour from Cleveland) – and most people don’t seek out distant small towns in search of rides… but I’m not most people.

Cedar Point is heaven for roller coaster nerds like me, with 17 in one park – more than any other in the world. And to boot, most of them are amazing. Well designed, well maintained and well operated, this place runs how an amusement park should.

We got lucky with the crowds since Ohio kids are already back in school and it granted us some extra time to play with cameras. I put my recently acquired Canon EF70-200mm lens to the test and the sharpness came out great!

Check out all the shots over on my flickr.

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